How To Build A Greenhouse

Building a greenhouse can be quite a project, a lot of fun if you are a natural builder and a wonderful learning experience if you are not. Knowing how to build a greenhouse with plans begins with deciding what kind of greenhouse you want in the first place and how strong you need it to be. Start with plans that suit your part of the world. Making concessions for high winds, snow and down pouring rain is a start.

There are so many styles to choose from, wood frame, PVC frame, Polycarbonate glazed, structures connected to the home, maybe a solar greenhouse. After selecting the style choose a size. For the sake of example, pick one that will work in most climates and relatively easy for the novice to build but challenging enough to keep the expert from boredom.

Pick a spot best for the greenhouse, a place that is smooth with full sunlight. Now, if the pole type is used, place one pole every couple of feet in holes as if fence post are being laid; this type of greenhouse structure is not moveable.

If using the box type building a 2X2 frame with 6 foot tall 2X2, adding a wood floor, you will be able to move this greenhouse around with greater ease. Will you use a wood floor or gravel; the later is the easiest form of drainage and mildew will not be a problem.

Now, place your side supports across the wood as if you were building the walls of a square kite. This will keep any plastic you use for covering from flapping in the wind. With each rib you place along the side, the structure becomes stronger.

Now that you have the sides up connect your 2X2 pieces for your roof, an A frame roof style is the easiest type, screw the roof pieces together using short screws that will not protrude; then cover with sturdy plastic installing a couple of solar panels for added heating. Shelving can be free standing or built in; depending on how much mobility you want. With plastic or wood tables available, shelving can be a place as you go activity.

An exceptionally large green house is fine for people growing food commercially but an average 6X10 is large enough for the casual grower. A nice door covered in plastic is fine, the insulation is good and the door is lightweight.

Many people prefer the kit plans; these are plans and materials all in one package with instructions. If you decide on a building plan without instructions or a material list, remember a greenhouse is not a regular home with heavy materials. You want the unit to dry and ventilate easily; perhaps even be a bit mobile.

A greenhouse project is relatively simple and following plans is easy. Getting your materials together in one place and being confident that you know what you are doing. Just start from the bottom and go from there; floor walls ceiling.

 Wrapping materials depend upon what level of protection you want to give your plants, polyethylene is far more flexible but polycarbonate is rugged. What you want to grow and the climate you want to recreate in a greenhouse decides on how to build a greenhouse with plans.

Plans are available online, in garden shop books and pamphlets or talk to your local feed and seed outlet and draw up plans of your own. You may want separate sections for each plant group you are trying to develop. With any greenhouse project growing the foods you like and having them year round is a treat; healthy salad fixings from your garden in the worst weather.


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